Meet the Artist

“My paintings are a reflection of what I see, real or interpreted, the play of color and light and the feelings evoked.”

A Southern Californian native, Julie Hill began her art career later in life. After several life changes, in 2004 she picked up a pencil and began drawing. Unbeknownst to her, she had been sitting on a creative gift. She then dared to pick up the elusive paintbrush and tentatively applied colors and water to white paper. Pulled by the desire to capture nature’s beauty and precious relationship moments, the once elusive and timidness of watercolor paintings has turned into unabashed exploration of color and shapes; as she calls it “Capturing Life with Brushstrokes”. 

“I look at life as one big painting if you step back, you may see all kinds of interpretations. Your life may look very different to you depending on your mood, your experiences, and the “color lenses” you view through. When painting, I try to create an interpretation of a subject that allows enough suggestion so that the viewer can see their own life, their own beauty, and tell their own story in one of my paintings.”

Her work has been described as “a loose and bold impressionistic style…without departing from the representation of the subjects that inspire her work”.  When viewing Julie’s work, it is evident there is a deep passion and joy in her painting.

Julie is represented by several fine art galleries on the West Coast.  Her work is sought out by interior designers and corporations, and can be found in many private collections across the nation. Julie’s paintings have been published in several international publications, and have been juried into the prestigious Watercolor West International Juried Exhibition.